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1300 people protesting before the minister of housing in Algiers

  • The department has not met its commitments after recent protests of citizens last month. Yesterday, these citizens protesters at the scene found a reinforcement of riot police as an answer to their problems of their records which have not seen a positive outcome for ten years.
    They demanded the intervention of the President of the Republic after having exhausted all appeals and after hearing endless empty promises, according to their statements. Having deposited records at the housing agency AALD ten years ago, they still have no answer to their expectations.
    Feeling aggrieved and marginalized, they decided to gather outside the headquarters of the Ministry to protest and demand their rights. Representatives of the protesters were not received by the department, so they decided to do a sit-in outside the department until a solution is found for them, a situation that has lasted for ten long years.

    Ennahar / Hassiba Krouche

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